Marketing Strategy OLD

Marketing Strategy and Execution

Our clients say one of our greatest strengths is our ability to coordinate and find consensus between disparate groups of stakeholders, so that together, they may achieve goals otherwise unobtainable on their own. We know what it takes to achieve the multiple objectives of diverse stakeholders. CGC has over three decades of hands-on marketing experience, working closely with people from a wide variety of disciplines across all levels of government, associations and the private sector – from deputy ministers and CEOs to marketing specialists, IT/IM and business unit managers. CGC has conceived, developed and executed numerous marketing campaigns, and built several multi-million dollar brands from the ground up.

We have extensive experience in:

Marketing strategy and execution

Business case development

Building partnerships and alliances

Identifying, structuring and marketing sponsorship opportunities

Brand creation and brand building

Identification, segmentation and engagement of clients, stakeholders and communities of practice

We successfully employ a wide variety of marketing tools including:

Email and web-based marketing

Social media

Direct mail

Print advertising

Broadcast (radio and television) advertising

Executive-level telemarketing

Trade shows and special events

Here are some audiences we have successfully targeted in various marketing campaigns:

  • Technology Executives throughout North America
  • Federal Government managers
  • Provincial Government Managers
  • Canadian Trade Commissioners around the world
  • Business owners and entrepreneurs

We can work with your team to develop highly creative and profitable marketing programs from start to finish: analyze your current situation, identify customers and competitors, set objectives, develop strategy, budget, implement the program, manage stakeholders, and evaluate results.

  • Accenture
  • IBM
  • PeopleSoft
  • Apple Canada
  • Microsoft
  • Plesman Publications
  • Nortel
  • SAP Canada
  • Bell Canada
  • Novell
  • SHL
  • Canon
  • AT & T
  • Oracle
  • Sun Microsystems
  • Compaq
  • Ottawa Business Journal
  • EDS